Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Silverbills are a common species of Munias in Uttar Pradesh. They commonly engage in allopreening, meaning a bird preening another (as opposed to itself). And - as you can see - the preenee is better off than the preener. If one is not doing the trick, then maybe two will! (Photographs taken in Lucknow district, dated Nov 27, 2008)


  1. Ah, Mr. Sunder, so you've been doing a bit of avian voyeurism, I see. This is a right royal Muniage a trois!

  2. Dear Gopi,

    Nice blog and great photos. I'm a biologist (ethologist), birdwatcher and author (Pleasurable Kingdom, 2006). I'm wondering if you would grant me permission to use one of your allopreening silverbill photos in a powerpoint presentation I'll be giving on animal sentience? I would be happy to include your name or link to your blog on the slide, if you like.

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