Friday, May 22, 2009

Myna hairdo

Mynas are neat birds – with lots of panache, attitude, and smarts. Not to mention hairdo!! This is a brief introduction to some of the styles you can see in the Myna world. The Pied Starling above has the touch-o'-white look; just a dash of old age on the side-burns.

This Common Myna (above) sports the just-been-shocked look.
Nothing like the wavy, wind-swept Harley look – preferred by the Brahminy Starling!
The Punk-and-Judy double-do sets these Bank Mynas apart; for couples only.
The mop-and-dandruff look – errrrrr….
And to end with this intricate centre-parted, backward-brushed, well-oiled, south-Indian, I-am-a-good-Myna look!
(Photographs taken in Su
ltanpur, Etah, Etawah and Farrukhabad districts between Dec 2008 and Apr 2009)


  1. Heh! Gopi, I remember the rickshaw guys at Bharatpur called the Brahminy Starlings the 'Sanjay Dutt Myna'. Now, of course, it would be Munnabhai.

  2. Such beautiful pictures on your blog.