Friday, May 22, 2009

Myna hairdo

Mynas are neat birds – with lots of panache, attitude, and smarts. Not to mention hairdo!! This is a brief introduction to some of the styles you can see in the Myna world. The Pied Starling above has the touch-o'-white look; just a dash of old age on the side-burns.

This Common Myna (above) sports the just-been-shocked look.
Nothing like the wavy, wind-swept Harley look – preferred by the Brahminy Starling!
The Punk-and-Judy double-do sets these Bank Mynas apart; for couples only.
The mop-and-dandruff look – errrrrr….
And to end with this intricate centre-parted, backward-brushed, well-oiled, south-Indian, I-am-a-good-Myna look!
(Photographs taken in Su
ltanpur, Etah, Etawah and Farrukhabad districts between Dec 2008 and Apr 2009)


  1. Heh! Gopi, I remember the rickshaw guys at Bharatpur called the Brahminy Starlings the 'Sanjay Dutt Myna'. Now, of course, it would be Munnabhai.

  2. I'm waiting for the Elvis Myna...

  3. Such beautiful pictures on your blog.