Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarus and Nilgai

Two species that are revered by farmers in Uttar Pradesh are the Nilgai (literal translation: "Blue Cow") and the Sarus Crane. Hunting of the Nilgai is strictly disallowed locally owing to the reference of a cow in its name. Currently, despite it being possibly the biggest crop pest, excellent populations of the large antelope proliferate all over Uttar Pradesh. The Sarus Crane is venerated for its life-long pair bond. Here , a Nilgai cow, her calf, a Sarus adult (right extreme) and a 7-8 month-old chick stare at me, disturbed from their feeding in a dried wetland in Barabanki district. (Photograph date: May 16, 2009)


  1. Hey! It's about time you started a blog.. Great information cuz. Excited to see your adventures in pictorial form!

  2. Hi Gopi, Glad to see your Blog. Nice Pics, looking forward to many more ! We all are proud of you and your dedication in preservation of the Sarus cranes.

  3. lata_kittur@yahoo.comMay 18, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    congrats -- now we will be able to keep tabs on you -- only what you want to show us, of course!!

  4. Terrific Gopi - I am very pleased to be able to better picture (in 'minds's eye) the look and feel of where you are working via your blog!

    be well - Nick Jordan

  5. Hey Gopi - great pics. Yes, as Nick said above, these pictures are helpful for us to visualize what you're up to over there. I almost think I shouldn't share the following information with you - for fear of arousing profound jealousy - but I saw four Turkey Vultures in a day-time roost today (other highlights include singing bobolinks, and an orchard oriole) at a regional park outside of St. Paul. Keep up the good work!

  6. Dear Mr Gopi,
    Congratulation on your fine work. As I am from the same area I can appriciate your work. Would like to discuss with you some thing about these birds. My contact is If I can have your cell no. I will give you a call.