Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everybody loves a good sun

The Gangetic flood plains can get pretty cold in the winter, and in the early mornings of any season. Sunning is therefore a commonly noticed activity in the myriad life forms here - nothing quite like some temperature to put life back into the frozen bones. Here are a few life-forms doing their thing in the sun.

From top: A Baron butterfly warms up atop a garden plant; the Kachuga turtle suns atop a Gharial that is a fish-eater (something that the turtle obviously knows); a Green Bee-eater and a Greater Coucal open up their feathers to let the sun warm up the darker feathers on their backs.

(Photograph information: Baron - Dec 7, 2008, Rae Bareli district; Turtle-and-Gharial - Jan 18, 2009, National Chambal Sanctuary, Etawah district; Green Bee-eater - Apr 7, 2009, Etawah district; Coucal - Dec 25, 2008, Jaunpur district)

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