Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The sun, the moon, and the Sarus

Etah is one of the worst towns in Uttar Pradesh, but the district has excellent populations of Sarus Cranes and many other waterbirds. Roadside marshes, village ponds, perennial wetlands, and agriculture fields mesh and merge here to provide a variety of habitats.

I was fortunate to photograph Sarus Cranes in Etah with both the sunrise, and the setting moon.
The former was easily possible since most areas I visited for the study in Etah had Sarus Cranes! The latter was a particularly happy and completely accidental occurence. Two Sarus Cranes and some storks were beginning to forage in a roadside marsh just as the moon was setting some time before the sun rose. We happened to pass by enroute to work, and here you are.

(Photo detai
ls: top: Apr 2, 2009; bottom: Jan 12, 2009.)


  1. Lovely snap! The one with the moon. Wanted to see it in a larger size but was not able to do so. Can something be done about this?


  2. GOPI - beautiful pictures! Love these two. You and some other things in my life recently have inspired me. I want to get a nice new camera and maybe take a class. What better than to document the beautiful things that come across your path.. right?

  3. Sheer poetry, Gopanna! But I've told you that before. Beauty is truth, truth beauty.