Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chambal diary: 4. Indian River Tern

Gracefully proportioned with long wings, a fish-shaped tail, bright legs and yellow bill, the Indian River Tern is a sight for sore eyes.

It resembles the Black-bellied Tern, but is larger with a conspicuous white belly that allows easy differentiation of the two species. The habits of the River Tern are very similar to that of the other terns in the Chambal and the Indian Skimmer - it is also evolved for a life in clean rivers with plenty of fish and islands to breed on.

Human use of the river does not appear to affect the tern population in the Chambal suggesting that the islands are undisturbed during the breeding season, and that the fish populations are adequate.

hotos were taken on Jan 18 and Apr 09, 2009 at the National Chambal Sanctuary, Etawah.)

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  1. those photos are really amazing, seriously! the shoots are awesome, you should be working by National Geographic or Discovery Channel and you would have many chances to win a prize in photography