Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning with the Sarus

Walking around in the flooded rice paddies during the monsoon can be magical. The Sarus make it more so. Here are two photographs that underline this statement.

The rains ensure that there is plenty of wet, grassy wetlands to forage in. This Sarus was part of a flock of 45 that landed in this wetland and surrounded us for a fantastic few minutes.

Real estate is serious business in the bird world. On a cloudy and otherwise dull morning, a pair of Sarus landed a few feet ahead of us and proceeded to unison call (photo above), gesture threateningly and finally succeeded in chasing away another pair that had landed in their territory.

(Photographs were taken in Etah district on 28 Aug and 29 Aug 2009 respective


  1. very nice photos gopianna! I did not realise you update this blog so often!!

    Have fun!! Latha

  2. One thing that must be said about the unison call is that it is unforgettable. I can hear it in my mind's ear when I see this picture -- that lovely, insistent bugling that is both musical and otherworldly.