Saturday, August 22, 2009

Waterbird foods: Purple Moorhen

Purple Moorhens could not be more appropriately named - their gorgeous colours stand out for miles in any wetland. They like to forage for food in open wetlands with grassy vegetation. Above, you can see individuals that have pulled out grass stalks, are using their legs as a dining table, and eating the soft shoot of the grass. They are experts at pulling out these shoots without breaking the grass ensuring they get most of the soft, juicy shoots.

(Photograph information: These are not from Uttar Pradesh for a change, but from the famed Keo
ladeo National Park at Bharatpur (Rajasthan), which due to the resident pairs of Sarus Cranes still qualify for this blog! Both were taken on 07 Mar 2009. Thanks to Anoop for being a sterling host at KNP!)


  1. Dear Gopi Sundar

    You may recall my post on the sarus cranes :

    I was pleasantly surprised to see your own blog!

    I wonder if you follow and the I and the Bird Blog carnival?

    The link to the current one is here:

    I am putting together the next blog carnival and was hoping I could include one of your posts. i really liked this one and the one on Sarus cranes.

    But if you have any other suggestion or you plan to do a bird-related post before Sep 10th, please do let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Go for it! Dont know what I may get before Sep 10 of course. Thanks for this.

  3. We've just seen this beautiful bird on a reed bed close to our beach apartment in Mojacar, Andalucia. Lynn